The chic South Seas bar cart

Enjoy a cocktail anywhere you want. It’s now easier than ever with the South Seas bar cart. Featuring a particularly elegant and unusual design, this piece of furniture has a sleek and very chic shape and lots of beautiful details on its surface. The structure is simple but the finish and the details are exquisite.The cart was designed to be functional and practical. It sits on smooth-rolling brass casters and it can be moved around whenever you need it. Moreover, the cart can also be used as a console table during the rest of the time. Such a product can be very useful when guests come over. You can offer them a cocktail and serve it on this elegant cart. It’s simple and chic and it solves a lot of problems.

The South Seas bar cart is an essential item when it comes to entertaining your guests. The design of the cart was inspired by the mid-century antique pieces. The handwoven rattan offers it a very beautiful and interesting texture. It also helps create an artistic and elegant design. On the bottom of the cart there’s a rail that keeps the bottles and other items in place. The cart also has practical handles on each side that makes it easier to operate.

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There are two versions of this piece. There’s the South Seas bar cart and there’s also the South Seas side cart. They have similar designs and similar functions. The dimensions however are different. The bar cart measures 40″ W x 15″ D x 32″ H while the side cart’s dimensions are 26″ W x 15″ D x 29″ H. They both have a clear lacquer finish and they both have been crafted from the same materials.available from 295$.



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