The chic Mademoiselle wall system

Modular wall systems are a very common choice these days. They are starting to replace little by little the traditional units. Mademoiselle is one such modular wall unit. In its classical version, the Mademoiselle system is composed of three units that have different dimensions and shapes. There’s a tall, a medium and a short unit. With only these three elements different shapes and combinations can be created.One of the reasons why people choose modular units for their homes is that they offer freedom and flexibility. These units can be adapted to the space available. They can change shapes and they can be mixed and combined to form a new design and to offer a completely new and refreshing look to the room. They are perfect for living room as well as for dining rooms and even for offices.

With a cute name and a simple but elegant design, the Mademoiselle wall system is the perfect unit for fresh and dynamic spaces. The unit features a frame made from tubular steel and welded steel metal sheet. Additional components can be added to he unit. The three standard pieces can become four or five, according to the user’s needs and specifications.

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Any space can be tailored and the furniture can be adapted to form a functional and efficient structure. The Mademoiselle wall unit would look wonderful in almost any type of décor. It’s perfect for the dining room or living room. It has a minimalist and versatile design.



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