The chic Janette Rose Console

An item will most likely get more beautiful if you add a delicate detail on it. For example, a simple console table looks drastically different with a rose pattern carved on its surface. Such a console table would be Janette. The rose console is simple and yet its rose pattern adds drama and style anywhere it goes.

The Janette rose console has a visually striking design. It features pierced rose on the sides and it also has a red finish reminiscent of the rose’s actual color. The console table is handcrafted from maple and wood composite. It has a simple structure and a standard design, except for the rose pattern. The magenta lacquer finish also makes this piece stand out. The console features three practical drawers. Even though rather small, they are perfect for storing or hiding small items.

The Janette console table is a versatile piece of furniture. It can be used as a desk or as an accent piece in areas such as the living room, bedroom, office, etc. The overall dimensions of the console are 60″W x 20″D x 30″T. The console is manufactured in the USA and it can be purchased at the price of $4,299.00. It only comes in one model and one color. Its design is simple and this makes it versatile. However, the rose carvings from the sides are restrictive, making this piece of furniture a more suitable acquisition for woven. It would make a lovely desk.

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