The Catteux litter box cabinet – for cats with style

When you have a pet cat one of the most difficult and annoying things to do is training for the litter box. But even after your cat has mastered this activity, finding a good place for the litter box can prove to be just as difficult as the training itself. It needs to be a space that is easily accessible for the cat, where it can have privacy and where it doesn’t disturb the décor. London-based Elips Design has found the perfect solution.

The Catteux litter box cabinet is a very clever creation. It’s a sleek and stylish piece that allows you to conceal the litter box while also adding a designer element to the décor. The cabinet has a simple and compact design and it features two compartments. One is more spacious and accommodates the litter box and the other one is a storage compartment for the bedding and some other things that your cat needs.

Since it looks so compact, you might wonder how the cat gets to use the litter box inside it. It can do that through a side entrance. The cabinet is not only useful for concealing the litter box and getting it out of the way and view, but it’s also great for the cat that has privacy when using the litter box. The cabinet is available with white or black exterior and with custom colors inside. It is made from lacquered MDF and measures 40″ x 20″ x 20″. Custom sizes are also available.

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