The Carpetry Sideboard from the Heritage Boy collection

This is a very unique and interesting piece of furniture that has a strange but also pleasant design. The piece is the Carpetry Sideboard and it seems to have floating carpet covering its surface. The carpet wraps around the curved corners of the unit giving it a beautiful and delicate look. It’s probably the most cozy-looking sideboard we’ve ever presented.The Carpetry Sideboard is part of the Heritage Boy Carpetry collection. As you can notice from the pictures, the inspiration for this design comes from the Persian Nain Rugs. However, there are some slight differences from the original designs. The color palette used for this unit is more modern and introduces a contemporary touch the the whole collection.

The carpets used to cover the pieces from the Heritage Boy Carpetry collection are made of 100% wool and are manufactured on traditional Wilton looms, a technique that dates back to the early 17th Century and one which only a few factories in Britain continue to use. So it’s not only the design that is unique but also the technique used to make the pieces. There are some restrictions to the design of this unit.

The carpet is only available in blue and beige and the satin lacquer finish is available in blue or white. The sideboard is an unconventional piece of furniture with en eclectic look. It uses a traditional pattern and the approach the modern and this makes it both versatile and unique.

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