The Calvin one-drawer nightstand

Nightstands are always cute. They’re like mini-cabinets that always sit by your side and watch you sleep. They’re always there where you need a place to rest your book when you fall asleep, to place your phone so that you have it by your side or to put a glass of water for when you get thirsty in the middle of the night.

A stylish version of that is the Calvin nightstand. It’s a lovely piece of furniture, with a simple but beautiful design, with clean lines and with the perfect dimensions. It’s just what you need in the bedroom. It also has a drawer where you can store your books, magazines, the remote, the phone or anything else you like to have by your side at night. It’s crafted from Pacific coast maple wood with a beautiful mocha stain and it has a stainless steel knob. The unique wood grain makes this item unique. The wood used to craft the nightstand comes from one of the most carefully managed forests in the world.

The Calvin nightstand is part of a larger furniture collection and all the pieces are handcrafted in Oregon by skilled artisans. This means they are all carefully crafted but also that each piece is unique and might slightly differ from the others. It has a lacquer finish for durability but also for a beautiful look. The overall dimensions of the Calvin nightstand are 26w 17d 25h. You can buy it for $479.00.

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