The California collection of desks and tables by J. Rusten Furniture Studio

The California collection just got bigger. J. Rusten Furniture Studio announced the arrival of a new series of California desks and tables. With a very clear and suggestive name, these pieces impress with their design and quality. The tables and desks feature similar designs. Each of them has been cut into the iconic shape of California, from where they also get their name.The pieces from this series are crafted from native and salvaged charo walnut. The top of the tables and desks is shapes like the state of California and the bases are made of steel. The California series is available in three different sizes. There’s a large size, a medium one and a small version.

The large size only includes a desk. The medium size is available for both desks and coffee table and the small version is only for coffee tables. The overall dimensions of the large desk are 86″ long, 29.5″ tall. The medium version measures 72″ long, 29.5″ tall. The medium coffee table is 72″ long, 16″ tall and the small version measures only 56″ long, 16″ tall. The prices also vary according to the dimensions and the type of furniture. You can buy these pieces for prices between $1650 and $2950.

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The California series offers furniture suitable for offices but also for homes. The coffee tables for example would look lovely in a living room. They can also be used in offices or public areas. The all desk’s and table’s tops are finished with a low-toxic tung-oil and the steel legs are powder coated. Their designs are simple but very suggestive.



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