The Atria Wooden Highboard with Doors

Simple and elegant, this piece of furniture would make a wonderful addition to the living room or media room. It resembles a media storage cabinet but it’s in fact more surprising than that. The Atria highboard was designed by Gonzalo De Salas and it’s part of the Atria Collection. It’s a wooden highboard with doors and it features a simple and chic design.The Atria unit Features two volumes. There’s a compact unit on the bottom that presents two internal compartments with doors that open to reveal four storage spaces with a shelf in between.

On top of these there are also four drawers that further provide more storage space. The other volume is sitting on top of this one on two small wooden legs. The second volume seems to resemble a TV-shaped unit. But instead of that its doors open to reveal even more storage space. This unit has 6 internal shelves separated in the middle.

He Atria unit is one of the most compact and elegant storage units you can find. It’s elegant and chic and it provides lots and lots of storage space. It would be wonderful addition in the dining room and you could use it to store everything from glasses and bottles to supplies and small accessories. It can also be useful in the living room but it would be a little confusing because of its resemblance with a TV console. Its dark finish and simple but elegant design make it a very versatile and very beautiful piece of furniture, perfect for almost any type of décor.

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