The architectural Gus bench by David Podsiadlo

The Gus bench, despite its name, is actually a multipurpose piece of furniture. Given its minimalist design and structure, it can be used as a great coffee table, accent table and, of course, as a bench. It has a strong and durable construction and a very interesting design.The body of the bench is made of wood and the legs are stainless steel.

What’s particularly interesting is the design of the legs and the way they interact with the bench. The sleek stainless steel return legs seem to be independent from the rest of the bench and the wooden structure seems to be floating in the air with no support. This allows the bench to have a simple but bold and eye-catching design and to be perceives as a modern and even futuristic piece of furniture. The Gus bench can be purchased at the price of $899.00.

This innovative piece of furniture was designed by David Podsiadlo. It has a flexible and versatile design that allows it to be used both as a bench or table. Moreover, the customer can choose from a range of three exotic wood veneers. The Gus bench is available in Macassar Ebon, Walnut or Zebrano veneer. The stainless steel return legs are not optional. The dimensions of the bench are also fixed. The bench measures 15″ H x 60″ W x 14″ D. The feet also serve as armrests. The Gus bench was designed for indoor use only.

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