The antique Richards’ medium chest

The Richards’ chest is a truly unique piece of furniture with a very interesting story, worth to be shared. What you see here today is what once used to be a steamer trunk. The item landed at a European antiques market after having been used several years. It was battered and worn but it was still in good shape. It’s careful construction and beautiful detailing were still visible.

This beautiful antique crafted in early 20th century England then got into the hands of a traveler whose name was Tom Richards. The trunk then found its way to the workshop of Timothy Oulton. There, it was dismantled, every pin was removed and measured, every hinge and brace scrutinized and them every piece was copied precisely in the same manner as the original and aged to look as the original.From there a collection was born.

Now the trunk has become a chest, with wood frames and clad in water-resistant hand-waxed canvas and finished with hand-hammered pins. The chest is braced with leather handles and corner protectors, equipped with brass luggage latches and beige waxed canvas. The dimensions of the chest are 41″W x 22″D x 41″H. It has drawers, great for storage. This beautiful antique chest is now called Richards’ medium chest and it can be purchased for the special price of $2995.

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