The Animal – Vegetable – Mineral collection by Yaron Hirsch

Not a long time ago there was this conception that furniture needed to be perfect and anything that made it stand out, any natural feature was considered an imperfection. At one point people started to appreciate all these natural details and they found them to be very interesting and unique. After that the designers started to seek ways to come up with new and ingenious ideas that would make these elements the stars of their creations. We reached a moment when the tunnels created by the caterpillar in tree branches are brought to the level of art.

Animal – Vegetable – Mineral is an innovative furniture collection that was created by Israeli designer Yaron Hirsch. The collection only has three pieces. It includes a clock, a lamp and a stool. The thing they all have in common is the texture of the wood. They feature what seem to be a caterpillar’s paths through Eucalyptus branches. What most people consider to be damage brought to the trees was turned into a unique feature for this collection.

What was originally perceives as something negative was turned into something not only positive but beautiful and aesthetic. The name of the collection refers to the beetle, the tree and the plaster that the designer has poured into the tunnels. The result was a unique and highly original furniture collection with minimalist designs and with unusual details. The natural touches are indeed ingenious.

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