The amazing Bench inspired by Nature

For art lovers, the regular furniture pieces aren`t so interesting. That is because they are always looking forward to see not only innovating stuff, but a combination between tradition and futuristic views, something that brings them that feeling of approval. That`s why the homes of the artists look so interesting to us, because they always find a way to mix these two currents and they do it right. And we know about the fact that artists are eco friendly too.

This bench is perfect for art lovers and not only. It looks like Mother Nature herself made it. Like it grows from earth and it shaped like this for humans that love luxurious furniture. In reality, this extraordinary bench was designed by the famous French sculptor Xavier Dumont, inspired also by nature`s power. Now, this amazing piece of furniture is exposed Anthropologie’s gallery at the Rockfeller Center in New York.

It looks just like a twig and you can almost see the birds making nests near her. Made in France, from a combination of resin, marble powder and metal, this eco-friendly bench is covered by gold leaf made by Rotsen Furniture, from materials found in woods, forests or old barns. It is amazing how using natural materials and having a little inspiration someone can make such an piece of art.

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This bench was sculpted by hand with natural reaching branches or winding roots with the dimensions: 35”H x 80”W x 22”D. In fact, this amazing piece of furniture is for sale for $4,800. You can find it at at the 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, until 27 September. Think about how amazing this bench will look in the front yard of your luxurious house. It is the piece that`s missing from your dream home.{found on nytimes}.



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