The 20 Best Bed Frames For Modern And Contemporary Bedrooms

When choosing a bed, there are two major aspects to consider. One of them is the bed frame and the other is the mattress. It’s important for a bed to be sturdy and durable but also comfortable and good-looking so these elements have to be balanced and to complement each other in a nice way. Up next, we’re going to have a look at 20 products which, in our opinion, have what it takes to enter the top 20 best bed frames you can find on the internet.

The first design we’ll take a look at is that of the Ziggy bed created by C. Ballabio. It has five upholstered parts which include the frontal and back headboard, piping, the buttons an the slatted base insert. All of these can be customized which means you can make the bed frame match the decor of the bedroom or you can pick a particular color and texture that you find most suitable. As far as the rest of the frame is concerned, the designer used solid canaletta walnut to give it a sleek and refined look and a sturdy construction.

The Prana bed is also a very chic and refined piece and its defining characteristic is a love-edge headboard. The bed frame is simple and made of solid oak with an iron or brass base and accents and a wooden slat support system. Because live-edge wood is always unique, there are always variations in the design and the look of each piece. Nevertheless, the bed frame always has a fluid and elegant appearance and a stylish silhouette highlighted by the cast brass legs and butterfly joinery.

It’s hard to say with exactly which are the best bed frames one can buy when there are so many different options to consider, each with its own pros and cons. Some would argue that a platform bed frame is the go-to option when it comes to contemporary interior design. In that sense, we find the Kalmar bed to be one of the most stylish and sleek options out there. It’s created out of reclaimed wood which undergoes a special process meant to give it a rich finish. The design is simple, functional and beautiful and blends modern and industrial details.

The design of the Asher bed is inspired by mid-century Danish pieces made of teak. Its frame features 45 degree edges and has a delicate and sculptural appearance. The base of this platform bed frame is solid and wide, framing the mattress and being supported by solid American walnut legs with slightly tapered forms. You can get this bed frame in two sizes: queen and king.

The Xander bed is special in the sense that it has a strong and masculine design but doesn’t lack delicate details. Its frame and headboard and designed to highlight the natural strikes of each piece of wood, being inspired by live-edge wood pieces. The sturdy nature of the frame is complemented by the elegance and smoothness of the lines, the angles and the curved edges.

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The Drommen bed also has a pretty interesting frame worthy of being mentioned here. The design of this bed created by Jannis Ellenberger is elegant and refined and has an architectural allure. It combines simple and natural materials with fresh and modern forms and the result is one of the best bed frames ever. Solid and sustainable acacia wood is used in combination with rich full-grain leather to create a low-profile frame with lots of character.

The Lunar Velvet bed has a pretty interesting-looking frame too. The inspiration for its design seems to have been the wingback chair. The bed frame is designed by Caleb Zipperer and is made of engineered wood with solid iron legs with a brass finish and a wrap-around headboard upholstered in mink faux mohair. It’s soft, plushy and very cozy.

Designed by Mark Daniel of Slate Design, the Andes bed has its own way of looking stylish. It features an ultra low platform and a wide headboard which extends to accommodate two nightstand shelves on each side. The platform bed frame is made of acacia veneer and engineered wood and has a rich stain color which highlights its minimalist and modern nature.

The Torino bed is another beautiful example of how elegant and stylish a platform bed frame can be. This is a bed made entirely of veneered plywood. Its frame features built-in bedside tables which are suspended for a lightweight look. The design is simple and linear, with an emphasis on square profiles. The platform has a compact and sturdy construction and is not meant to look particularly sleek or lightweight, although the floating nightstands compensate for that part. These are optional.


Our list of stylish and modern bed frames continues with the Fulham, a product designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Molteni. The design is meant to maximize comfort, featuring a wooden base available in a variety of colors and a wrap-around headboard with textile or leather upholstery. These elements blend together seamlessly creating one of the simplest and most beautiful platform bed frames we’ve seen so far.

Next, check out the Kahana bed designed by Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri back in 2016. Its design is particularly comfortable-looking thanks to the plushy headboard  and the fact that the frame is upholstered as well. This elegant bed frame is available in two versions, with leather or with fabric upholstery, both being equally stylish and refined and featuring metal feet and an overall slim and chic form.

The Backstage bed probably has the most eye-catching and theatrical-looking design of all the products we’ve showed you today. It’s designed by Roberto Tapinassi & Maurizio Manzoni and features an asymmetrical frame made of solid wood blended with engineered composite wood and upholstered in leather. However, the focal point of the design is not the bed frame but the headboard which is composed of several vertical elements upholstered in velvet with leather stripes.

This is George, a double bed frame designed by Paolo Castelli in in 2017. One of the most notable things about it is the fact that it’s upholstered in leather. We’re talking about the whole frame, not just the headboard. Also it has a very sleek metallic outline and tapered legs which give it a lightweight and chic appearance.

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If you’re looking for a bed frame that stands out from an aesthetic point of view, check out Organique. It’s a handcrafted bed frame with a design that’s original, timeless and organic. This is a platform bed with a frame made out of stacked oak wood layers with soft curves. The headboard is there  but is transparent which means it provides support without obstructing the view behind the bed.

The series of upholstered bed frames continues with Onda which is a bed designed in 2007 by Paolo Piva. Its design is modern and quite imposing even though the structure is simple and quite lightweight. The strong personality comes from the fact that this platform bed frame is upholstered in leather and has a classical and timeless look. The headboard matches the frame and completes the look.

Kelly is a very elegant bed too. Designed by Emmanuel Gallina in 2016, this bed has a very sleek and elegant frame with smooth curves and edges and delicate lines which are highlighted by the design of the headboard which in turn features a sinuous yet clean and simple look. It’s because of the versatility and undying beauty of this design that we consider this one of the best bed frames you can buy.

In 2017 Manzoni e Tapinassi designed the Ludovic bed, a beautiful example of modern elegance in terms of materials, forms and overall visual appeal. the bed frame is covered in synthetic leather with a few other varieties also available including fabric, synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck and soft leather. The frame is supported by steel feet available with a matt bronze, white or graphite finish.

This is the Nelson bed, the creation of designer Andrea Lucatello. Its design is minimalist and sculptural. The bed frame is available in Canaletto walnut or burned oak and features two cylindrical feet at the front and two tapered legs at the back which mimic the headboard frame. The headboard is completely upholstered and available in fabric, synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, synthetic leather or soft leather.


The list of bed frames with well-balanced designed continues with the Softwood bed designed by Carlo Colombo. Both the platform frame and the headboard are made from solid wood and multilayer veneer. The headboard is wider than the frame and features parallel vertical grooves. Optional bedside tables can be attached to the headboard if desired.

The list ends with the Giorgia bed, one of the most elegant and versatile pieces out there. The bed is designed by Ennio Arosio and features a very interesting headboard which is made of two separate elements which can be adjusted individually for optimal comfort. This flexibility is not commonly found in standard bed frames.



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