Teak Root dining table made from reclaimed materials

Unique and always different, this dining table is only made to order. It has a very beautiful design based on a very simple concept. The base of the table is a teak root. It’s made of wood and it measures 60cm x 43cm x 76cm. The base is the star of this design and it’s the most eye-catching element. This is why the top is made of transparent glass, as not to complicate the design and to distract the attention from the base.

The top of the table is made of 15 mm thick, extra toughened glass. The base and the top are a perfect duo. Together they form this amazing statement piece that would easily become the focal point of attention in any dining room, living room or kitchen. The table is a modern piece of furniture and it’s a great accent element. The base of the table is made from 100% reclaimed teak and this makes each table unique. Given the natural characteristics of each piece of wood, there will be differences in terms of texture, shape and color. These are elements that make each table unique and impossible to recreate.

The table was designed to be used in the dining room. The glass top has a square shape and this makes the table suitable for up to four people. It’s a compact dining table designed to be admired. The table comes with the base separately and it has to be assembled on-site. It’s a simple process that takes only a few minutes.Available on site.

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