Superb Letter Shelves by Ricard Mollon

Traditional book selving is now facing a strong and original challanger that gains more and  more clients by the day.Made from thermo formed acrylic these letter forms designed by Ricard Mollon aren’t just book shelves, they also tell a thing or two about your home, quite literally.

These  beautiful original shelves are availiable in floor standing size, or smaller versions for your wall.The most interesting feature and also the most pleasant thing about them is that these leter shelves are availiable  for purchase indiviadually at Quattria, enabling you so, to create your own combination of letters  forming any word you like.

They can also be used as a room divider on an modern airy working place or if you like you can use them as bedside tables.All modern interiors would love these sheves because depending on the desired interior’s theme these brand new furniture elements cand set the tone.

If a romantic environment is intended to be created you can spell  LOVE  with a cherry red  color and automatically people will know what you think and feel, or maybe tell something about you.On an office building you can spell the company’s name on  a monochromatic perfect sized lettering.Thanks to its various colors and shapes these letter form shelves can be embedded in any interior setting, conffering a truly  original look.

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