Sunken beds –a more unusual and modern alternative for the bedroom

A while ago we talked about sunken living room and sitting areas and we mentioned a series of advantages that included the feeling of openness you can create without raising the ceiling or performing other tricks and the fact that it allows you to better delimitate the area visually. The same things could also be said about a sunken bed which can be a wonderful feature for the bedroom.

Because of the sunken bed, the room feels very open and airy

Sunken beds maintain a very open décor throughout the room because the bed, the main piece of furniture in this room, no longer obstructs the view. This linear design, however, is not always achieved.

A sunken bed can be a very nice option for a small bedroom
They also make wonderful additions to kids’ bedrooms because they are saferA sunken bed raised on a wooden platform with a very modern and cozy lookSunken beds are more suitable for modern and contemporary bedroomsYou can play with the differences in level and create a unique bedroom interior

There are several types of sunken beds. One is the design that features the bed at floor level and another includes a bed on a platform or robust frame. Whatever the case is, a sunken bed can be a very nice focal point for a modern bedroom and it can easily change the atmosphere.

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