Sultanas Concrete Tables

A table is a table, right? And if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. You can’t be more wrong! I bet you have never seen a table like the ones in these pictures. There is an entire collection of occasional tables built from concrete and glass called Sultanas. Behind these tables there is a story, revealing the true face of Monterey, a city located in the northern part of Mexico, a place with great industrial roots.Jorge Diego worked hand in hand with Ivan de la Cruz in his concrete workshop to produce the entire collection.

The industrial legacy was combined with contemporary artisanal work in a remarkable collection made only from concrete and glass.  Speaking of concrete, it is amazing how an amorphous element like the concrete was beautifully molded in two dynamic forms that come together to be united and form the base of each table.

Another thing that makes this a great collection of items is the uniqueness of each base.Although concrete is considered a modern material, for this purpose it needed a lot of manual labor to make it and to pour it into each individual mold, and we know that due to this manual process can’t be two items completely identical. So there you have it; a collection that has a timeless design, made by hand with a great deal of knowledge and craftsmanship.

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