Stylish upholstered bed from Usona

Every bedroom needs a comfortable and beautiful bed. It’s the most important piece of furniture from this room and the one that also gave its name. If you’re looking for a stylish double bed, you should really take a look at this one. The bed from Usona is not only stylish and elegant but it also has comfortable written all over it.

What also makes this bed unique is the headboard. It comes with a tufted headboard in matching materials and with a very beautiful pattern, texture and look. The headboard really makes the whole image complete. It also means that you should have a bedroom large enough to accommodate both the bed and the headboard. The bed is offered by Usona and it’s modern, compact and very very cozy.

As it becomes apparent, the bed comes in a beautiful tone of light brown. It’s only available in leather and it only comes in one color. This might make you feel restricted but the color and texture are very beautiful ad, even though they’re relatively neutral, they’re also versatile and easy to mix and match with basically any type of materials and colors. The overall dimensions of this beautiful bed are 67″/75″/83″ x 83″ x 12″H. The headboard measures 106″ x 5″ x 60″H and they both make a beautiful combination.Available on request.

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