Stylish Drop Leaf Table Designs With Plenty To Show Off

The term “drop-leaf table” is pretty self-explanatory but we’ll say this anyway: this is a table which has a fixed section at the center and a leaf (hinged section) on either side which can be folded down/ dropped. The design is very practical and often preferred for small spaces. But not all drop-leaf tables are the same. Some don’t even have 2 leaves. In some cases one is all that’s needed. Some are all, some big, some are round and some are square. With so many types to choose from, you can surely find one that suits you.

This is a really interesting design where the drop leaf practically doubles the table size even though there’s only one of them. On one side you have the leaf and on the other you have a storage drawer for things like cutlery, napkins and other accessories usually used at the dinner table.

If you’re curious how a round table with a drop-leaf design looks like, check this one out. It’s a really pretty and elegant cocktail table/ dining table for two with a solid pedestal in black-painted wood and a round top with 9” drop leaves. When these are down, you can use the table as a console or store it neatly against a wall to save space. Available on Amazon.

Solid Wood Drop Leaf Dining Room Table - Folding Kitchen Table to Save Space

Up next, a table with a top that’s square when the drop leaves are up and rectangular when they’re down. It can sit up to 6 people when expanded and it can serve as a console, vanity table or even as a desk when one or both leaves are dropped. The design is simple, a bit rustic, a bit industrial and a bit modern with just the right amount of casualness.

Space Saving Drop Leaf Table Set - 5 Piece Set

The typical drop leaf table looks like this. The casters are optional but they sure make the table more practical and easier to move around. Since the whole point of having a drop leaf table is to save space when you don’t need and to be able to use it to its full potential when needed, it makes sense for it to have a mobile base for easy storage and relocation. Found on Amazon.


Of course, not all drop leaf table designs focus on the same things. While sometimes it’s great to have two large extra panels that can extend a small table for two into one for six or more, that’s not always what the user needs. Sometimes you just want to expand the table a little bit just to have a few extra inches to work with. Found on Amazon.

Obviously, there are drop-leaf tables for every style. This one from Amazon, for instance, is a cottage-style table which, when fully expanded, has a round top. It’s simple, cute and practical and it can be used in a variety of settings and for a variety of purposes.


When saving space with hinged leaves isn’t enough, other design methods are required. Check out this space-efficient table and chair combo. In addition to having casters for mobility, drawers for storage and plenty of room inside for the bar stools, this table is pretty cool in other ways too. Its a design that grows on you as you use it. Found on Amazon.

Chic and simple, this dining set is just what a small space needs. The table is small and compact, featuring a square-shaped top when in its most compact form with the possibility to add an oval side leaf which acts as an extension or as an extra seat for someone. The two chairs have just the right amount of elegance to stand out in a subtle and casual manner. Found on Amazon.

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Is it a console? Is it a desk? Is it a dining table? Well, it’s actually all these things in one. The coolest thing about the Mix table is actually not its versatility but the fact that when both its leaves are down it becomes only a few cm wide. That means you can neatly store it behind the sofa, between a wall and a cabinet and basically anywhere there’s something to lean on.

The most common transformation when it comes to drop-leaf tables remains that from console to dining table. The frame design differs from case to case. This particular model has a rather interesting structure and a simple and highly functional design. Found on Amazon.

The Monarch dining set is a three-piece combo with two chairs and a stylish little table with a 36” diameter. Think of it as a nice addition to a spacious kitchen, a sort of alternative to the typical breakfast nook but also as a desk or a dining table for small spaces. Available on Amazon.

Check out another stylish drop-leaf table worthy of mention. It’s part of the Dover II collection and it’s made of solid wood veneer with a vintage white and cheery finish combo. The contrast between the frame and the top is elegant and actually in perfect sync with every little details of the design.

Small and compact are the main characteristics of most drop-leaf tables. That’s especially true in the case of those with a round top or those with big leaves that go all the way down, leaving the table thin and practical just like a console. This one has a really cute design. We absolutely love the pedestal base.

Technically this isn’t exactly a drop-leaf table. It doesn’t have a base and when its most compact form it looks a lot like a small wall-mounted cabinet. Inside there are indeed some storage cubbies and shelves but the truly cool element is the door which becomes the support base for a small desk/ table. There are tons of settings suitable for this piece of furniture. You can put it in a hallway, the entryway, the living room or even the bedroom. It’s one of those surprise pieces which leaves everyone impressed even though the design is extremely simple. Found on Amazon.

In small spaces like studios or efficiency apartments there’s not a lot of room for furniture, especially not for a big dining table. Drop-leaf tables are very convenient here and this one has a really nice design. It’s simple and it’s also small, measuring only 30” L x 30” W x 30” H. When extended, the Rutledge table becomes 46’’ long which adds a bit of extra space but not a lot, thus not requiring you to make any layout modification or to move other furniture pieces out of the way in order for the table to fit.

The Nerida drop-leaf table is also a very convenient and practical piece of furniture. It’s a multipurpose table which can be integrated into a variety of different spaces and can serve various different functions. For example, you could use it as a dining table and it can accommodate up to six people when fully extended but you can also use it as a desk or vanity by only extending one of the leaves. It also be used as a console table in certain environments.

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Circular drop-lead tables are not very common so finding one that suits your needs or style can prove to be difficult. Nevertheless, designs like that of the Antrim table make the task a little bit easier. This is a really nice piece of furniture for casual dining areas and thanks to the drop leaf design you can place it flat against the wall to save a bit of space. Simply move It and extend it whenever needed.

Thanks to how easy it is to extend and convert drop-leaf tables you can always make sure you have room for a couple more guests if ever needed. The Carlos table which you see right here is small and perfect for two people in its most compact form. It can however accommodate four persons if you extend the top. It transforms from a square table into a rectangular one and it maintains a simple and elegant design in both cases.

If you like the idea of having a bit flexibility and being able to expand your dining table if ever needed but you’re not a fan of the slender and casual designs most drop-leaf tables feature, we suggest checking out the Cadogan table. It’s extendable and it has a robust and sophisticated design. The rectangular top is supported by two large columns with a textured design.

This is a counter-height table which makes it a good fit for kitchens in particular where they can be incorporated into cozy breakfast nooks and casual dining stations. The Rebecca table is extendable converting from a 42’’ long table into a 60’’ long one in order to accommodate extra guests. It can be paired with bar stools which fit underneath the top for convenient storage when not in use.

The design of the Annalee table is a beautiful one. The frame is slender and has clean and simple lines and it’s also darker in color, featuring a black finish that highlights its sleek silhouette. The top stands out, having a finish which mimics natural, solid wood. The two leaves extends the regular square-shaped top by adding two more spots around the table, convenient for accommodate occasional guests.

Not all drop-leaf tables have symmetrical designs. Many have two leaves, one on each side, but there are also other designs such as that of the De Soto table which propose a different point of view. This is a one-leaf table with a simple and modern design. It measures 47” L x 30” W x 30” H overall, extending from 29” to 47’’ in order to accommodate two more people, doubling the initial capacity.

There’s also another type of drop-leaf table which has a distinctive design and is ideal in cases where a large table is required occasionally and it’s preferred to be able to save as much floor space as possible when the table is not in use. We’re talking about designs like that of the Strathcona table which resembles a console when collapse and can be transformed into a 48’’ dining table by lifting out the leaves. There’s also storage space inside for various items such as dishes, kitchen utensils, napkins, tablecloths and so on. The table is made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood and can accommodate six people when extended, with the possibility to use only one of the leaves for smaller groups.



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