Stylish Dog Crates – So Your Cute And Furry Friend Can Become Part Of The Family

Every pet dog needs a crate or a house. Otherwise you can’t really say you’ve made him part of the family. However, usually these items are an eyesore for the interior so you need to find a way to integrate them without wasting a lot of space and without disturbing the harmony in the interior design. We offer you a collection of attractive solutions.

DIY Dog Crates.

Want something more interesting-looking, perhaps with a more unusual shape? How about this contemporary doghouse? To build it you need plywood, a drill and a saw. First measure your dog and then cut the triangles. Then cut the angled support blocks and assemble the pieces. Cut a few triangles in half to make a nice entry.{found on homemade-modern}.

A small or medium-sized dog would fit nicely inside your coffee table, wouldn’t you say? But where would you find such a piece of furniture? Well…nowhere so you might as well just make it yourself. It’s not a very complicated project. Take some plywood, decide on the dimensions and shape, carve out some openings and assemble the pieces.{found on hgtv}.

You can also disguise the doghouse as an end table and, if you measure it correctly, it might even be big enough for two dogs. To build it, you can use plywood or MDF. Drill the pocket holes first and build the side railings. Then finish building the sides and add the plywood. Build the end the same way and then add the door. Finally, install the tabletop.{found on ana-white}.

Dog Crates You Can Buy.

Of course, it’s easier to just buy a dog house than to build one. But there are so many models to choose from it’s difficult to select the best one. Ideally, a dog house would also double as a piece of furniture you can use too, like this nightstand for example.{found on fancy}.

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The Zenhaus dog crate features a modern and elegant design and, at the same time, it provides a comfy space for your pet. It has sleek lines and is handcrafted, featuring a variety of colors. Topped with opaque, shatterproof glass and a removable swivel door, this piece is perfect for both you and your dog.

This lovely A shaped dog house is designed by Seungji Mun and it’s actually even shaped like a house. Inside it has a comfy bed lines with waterproof and bacteria resistant fabric. The cover is removable and washable.

This is a set composed of a dog bed and a house. The dog house is made of wood and fit perfectly on top of the comfy bed. The cover is made of natural cotton canvas and it’s removable and machine washable.{found on site}.

The eiCrate is a modern and stylish dog house which features a removable leak-proof liner and can be used both indoors and out. It’s available in four powder-coated finishes and, if you want, you can also get your dog a fitted cover.{found on site}.

Simple and perfect for modern and contemporary homes, these egg-shaped pet beds are suitable for both small dogs and cats. They come in several different sizes as well as in an array of different colors.

Dog Houses Seamlessly Built Into The Décor.

Image by Betsy Bassett

One way of not letting your dog’s house ruin your harmonious décor is to seamlessly integrate it into the room. For example, you can transform the space under the kitchen island or table into a comfy space for your pet.

Image by Snap Photography

You can save space and get rid of the eyesore by integrating the dog house under the stairs. You can even install a door that matches the railings. This way you’ll be using this space in a clever and practical way.

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by  Greg Premru

Have your dog’s house built into the wall. You can use a corner space in any of the rooms on on the hallway. Just carve out this little space and give it a nice and comfy look.

There’s always a way to find space for your lovely pet in any of the rooms in your home. In the laundry room, for example, you can customize one of the cabinets for this purpose.

Here’s another lovely dog house hidden under the stairs. It’s right next to the tiny home office space so you can get work done and spend time with your pet at the same time. Dogs love to sit close to you while you work so this is a very nice idea.

If you have a window nook or a bench like this one, maybe in the kitchen or in the bedroom, you can use the space underneath in a smart way and include a cozy space for your pet.

Double Duty.

It’s ok to let your dog sleep in the same room as you as long as you each have your own bed. This lovely dog house doubles as a nightstand which makes it a perfect choice. This way you can both sleep comfortably and undisturbed.

by Brenda Olde Photography

Instead of trying to hide the dog crate or kennel, turn it into furniture. This one serves as a side table, placed between two armchairs in what seems to be a reading corner or simply a comfy lounge area.



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