Stylish dining room design

The key to create a stylish and yet warm and inviting décor is to choose comfortable furniture that is also elegant and chic in the same time and to try to include vintage or art deco items as well. Let’s analyze this dining room design. It looks dark and creepy at first but then you realize that it’s actually friendly and quite tranquil, suited for a dining room.

In order to achieve this particular décor, here are the pieces you need to choose. The dining table is very simple and it has a rustic unfinished look. This one is made of timber and it has an antique grey finish. The dining chairs share the same vintage-chic design, featuring beautifully decorated legs and e comfy upholstery, in a very soft and neutral tone of beige.

In this particular décor there’ also a mirror, also made from timber. It’s as simple and rustic as the table. It’s ingeniously complemented by a sequoia console table with a splendid design.The decorative items were carefully chosen and they include a cute 7’’ birch potted tree that can be easily replaced with any other plant.

There’s also a painting with a beautiful owl. Again, this can be replaced with any other similar painting. Near the mirror you can see a beautiful sculpture of an acrobat. It’s a 22’’ piece and it reflects elegance and style. Finish everything with a matching rug, in this case the Ayi rug and you’re done. As you can see this is an artistic décor but you can adapt it to fit you personality better. The idea is to get the message and to be able to reproduce it.All accessories are available here.

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