Stylish Credenza Bar Units Every Sophisticated Living Room Needs

Owning a liquor cabinet is very practical, whether you’re entertaining a lot or just occasionally. Inevitably, everyone has their own setup with at least a few glasses and a liquor bottle or two.  If you like everything to be organized with designated storage areas for all the different elements, then you’ll also feel the need for a credenza which you can turn into a bar. We have some lovely ideas of how you can customize it as well what models to choose.

The Rex Credenza is small and inconspicuous and that allows it to be quite versatile. It can easily fit in any living room or dining area. Its design is simple and elegant and celebrates the beautiful and complex nature of wood. Thanks to its clean lines and classy appearance, this credenza can serve as an accent piece and can suit a variety of purposes. One option is to use it as a bar.

The limited edition Ray credenza bar was designed by Joel Dupras and is made of American black walnut. This is the 50th anniversary version and it features a top available in white or black granite and solid brass hardware. The drawers are lined with merino wood felt.

You’re probably not going to want your credenza bar to be the main furniture piece in the living room so you should find a place for it somewhere in a corner. You’ll be happy to know that there are a few great designs created specifically for room corners. One of them is the Nyn cabinet. It’s a timeless and sophisticated piece with a design that’s as stunning as it is practical.

This is Winston, a credenza bar designed by Christophe Pillet in 2015. The inspiration for its exquisite design came from traditional Chinese furniture. It doesn’t actually look like much on the outside but don’t be fooled by its modern and discreet appearance. Open it up and you’ll find a ton of cool features and built-in details. It’s equipped with bottle holders, drawers, pull-out compartments and a flap door at the top.

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A small bar can be super useful but if you’re serious about this you might want to check out bigger credenza models, like the Cambusa Jumbo designed by Giuliano & Gabrielle Cappelletti. This is more than just a simple bar. It’s a multi-functional storage unit with drawers, special compartments for bottles, racks for glasses and even space for a cooler/ wine fridge. It has built-in LED lighting inside and glass doors so the contents are always visible.

Another large and also very fancy credenza bar is this tower-like unit named Torri by its designer, Pinuccio Borgonovo. It’s not just full of all sorts of clever storage modules but also very interesting because it rotates. By rotating the two halves of the tower you open and close the bar or, in other words, you hide the contents from view or you bring them up front for easy access.

The Isidoro bar opens up like a book and reveals a practical and elegant interior with sleek shelves, drawers and cubbies, all designed to hold bottles, glasses and other bar-related accessories. An exterior handle with a click-to-close mechanism gives the credenza a casual and intriguing look.

The Moore cabinet is another gorgeous and luxurious bar with a very smooth and graceful silhouette. It’s not just great-looking but also highly versatile and practical. You can use it not just as a bar but also as a dining room cabinet, as a living room media center or as an entryway console.

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In case you don’t feel the need for an entire cabinet to use as a mini-bar, check out Araq, a bar designed as a module which can be added to existing units from the Shahnaz and Mahnaz series. This means you can create your own custom unit which could or could not include a bar module. The Araq has a very interesting opening and closing mechanism made of two folding hatches, one of which can serve as a work surface.

Harri is a special cabinet designed specifically to serve as a bar. It has plenty of storage space inside for everything including bottles, glasses, cocktail accessories, etc. On top of that, quite literally, sis an anthracite lacquered steel surface for prepping and mixing drinks.

Small and simple often does the trick and that’s also true for credenza bars. A perfect example is the Mayet Liquor Cabinet, a small and discreet unit which you can disguise as a coffee table. It splits into two revealing a bottle storage space on one side and two spaces for storing glasses on the other side.


The last design on our list is that of the Convivium cabinet. It’s an all-in-one bar unit with a slender metal base and an elegant wooden body. It has two big doors at the top and a drawer at the bottom. Inside it has built-in wine racks , accessorized shelves and even an extendable tray. One of the coolest things about this unit is the fact that it can be accessorized and customized with all sorts of different configurations.



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