Stump Tables – A Trend You Must Follow

Decorating, renovating and basically anything that has to do with interior design is definitely not easy work. But every once in a while you come across an idea or a project that’s so simple it blows you away. For example, I’m sure you’re aware that stump tables are a big focal point in any room. But did you ever stop to wonder how easy it is to actually get or make one?

A stump table or two would be a perfect addition to a patio

You basically just have to find a nice log. This is the difficult part. If you can find one for free somewhere in a forest for example, that’s even better. If not, just buy one. Once you have the log you just have to cut it.

If you spray paint the stump it will look amazing even at nightA big stump would make a wonderful coffee table for the living roomAdd wheels to make it easier to move the table aroundDon’t limit yourself to just one stump table if you can have two or three
Stump tables have character and they make the whole room stand out

The dimensions can vary according to your needs and preferences. And the log can’t be used just as a table. It can be a stool too or it can simply be for décor. But let’s get back to the steps you have to follow in order to actually make the stump look good.

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Depending on the color palette in the room, choose the right type of woodTo make the stump table integrate into the décor more easily you can paint itSmall stumps are perfect for side tables in areas like the reading corner or the hallwayYou can even have a stump table in the bathroom for more natural comfort and beauty

Once you cut it to the size you wanted, remove the bark and sand it smooth. Then you can also paint the stump. You can paint the tops, the sides or the whole thing. In case you’re worried that the table will be hard to move around you can simply add wheels and make it a mobile piece of furniture. The best thing about a stump table or chair is that it’s so full of character it looks great in any décor, even a more elegant and refined one.

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