Striped Furniture for Every Room of the House!

Stripes are fun, youthful and playful. They’re versatile and mix well with every color, style and even compliment other funky patterns. They can be used in any and every nook or cranny of the home and we even believe that it’s a solid foundation to any space. It’s the perfect accent and if you want to get a little stylish and outside-the-box in decor, try furniture dipped in this fresh pattern. Take a peek at some easy, real-life information for striped furniture!

1. Beachy & Light.

Thick stripes done right can create a relaxing and refreshed look for any room. It brings about a certain sense of lightness, beachy and nautical appeal.

2. Bright & Vivacious.

Choose something with bold colors and a vivacious attitude. A piece like this could spruce up absolutely any nook or cranny of your home, from the foyer to a spacious master bedroom.

3. Quiet & Relaxed.

A piece of striped furniture doesn’t have to be covered in the print, instead an accent will do the trick. This quiet dresser works wonders for interest and it also has a soft, relaxed charm.

4. Eclectic & Cultured.

More muted colors call for a more subtle look but the mix of richer, warmed tones make for a cultured, eclectic style. It’s the perfect place to rest and get some work done in the home office, don’t you think?

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5. Charming & Girlish.

Sometimes all you need is a bit of girlish charm to make a room complete. That delicate nature can make a room that much for welcoming and warm.

6. Young & Trendy.

You really don’t need to be scared of bright colors or playful patterns. Have your personality speak throughout your home by using something a bit more trendsetting and fashion-forward.

7. Contemporary & Chic.

Chic and sophisticated, this headboard sets the tone for the entire bedroom. Clearing and refreshed, the stripes create an artistic flair and presence.

8. Bold & Loud.

Set the tone by making a bold statement. Choose a large piece of furniture, like a china cabinet or hutch and have it covered in bold stripes! It creates such a fun and sparkly foundation.

9. Fashionable & Mod.

Even if it’s something small, like a side table, you’d be surprised the amount of fashionable flavors that can be added. It creates interest to the eye, more textures and overall, a more stylish place to explore.

10. Modern & Retro.

Sometimes stripes can bring in a certain retro appeal. Like this buffet for example, it has slick edges and modern lines but also a bit of a throwback flair!



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