Stay Practical Using Laundry Baskets On Wheels

Call them laundry hampers, baskets or however else you want. These things are extremely practical, especially if they’re on wheels. This simple detail makes laundry day a pleasure when you can just push the basket around, fill it with dirty clothes and then transfer them into the washer.

This simple chrome basket is practical and versatile, allowing you to customize it and being able to look equally good in a variety of environments. It has plastic swiveling casters and a chrome-plated finish plus a cotton canvas liner which you can replace with something else if you prefer a different look.Available for $119.

If you’d like to add a bit of French charm to your laundry room, have a look at this steel basket with an oxidized finish just so it can look bohemian. It includes a cotton liner with drawstring enclosure and it folds flat for convenient storage.Available for $159.

Haven’t found the right size or shape yet? No worries, this collection should do the trick. It includes two trucks, a basket and a hamper, all practical, simple and almost all of them on wheels so you can easily push them around the house and gather clothes, toys and other things.Available for $79.

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What we enjoy most about these laundry baskets on wheels is that they’re so practical and easy to use and they can also be easily stored in the laundry room. You can have a special place for them under the counter.

Most are made of metal and they do have a certain industrial appeal but they can also fit well in other types of decors. A traditional laundry room would be a lovely environment for a pair of such hampers/ baskets.

Other types of designs and materials are also available so, if you think a wicker basket would look lovely in your home, go for it. You can either try to find one that has attached casters or you can add them yourself.{found on inmyownstyle}.

The tricky part is finding a basket that has the right shape and size. This also has casters and handles so you can easily pick it up when needed or push around when it’s too heavy.Available from $235.

Can’t find a laundry basket that suits your needs or preferences? Then just make one yourself. You need a round piece of wood for the bottom and some welded wire. Secure the wire by wrapping the excess around the other side and then clip the wire into squares after you bend it over.{found on thepicketfenceprojects}.

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Or, if you prefer an industrial-style laundry basket, you can just repurpose a metal garbage can. You just have to attach four casters to make it more practical. You should reinforce the bottom with some wood so you don’t damage the metal when adding the casters.{found on theshabbycreekcottage}.



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