Stay organized with beautiful accessories

This top presents 10 items that will help you keep your room clean and organized while also being stylish and chic. Browse through our list and find the style that suits you.

1. Storage basket – £7.99.

Simple and casual, this storage basket is made of 100% jute. It also features plastic lining and a print on the front. It has metal rim at the top for stability. It also comes with two practical handles. The overall dimensions of the basket are 24x25x32 cm.

2. Firewood basket -price on request.

This is another casual and practical basket, perfect for storage. It’s made of felt and it also has handles for easy use. The overall dimensions of this product are 40 cm × 35 cm × 40 cm and it’s available in two thickness options: 3mm or 5mm. It’s simple, practical and handy.

3. 2-pack textile baskets – £7.99.

This is a set of two lovely textile baskets. They are made of sturdy chambray. The baskets come in sets of two and they have different sizes. One of them measures 12×13 cm while the dimensions for the other one are14x15 cm. The baskets are made of 100% cotton and they are machine washable at 40˚.

4. Set of 3 Open-Style Tightly Woven Rattan Storage Baskets – EUR 239.11.

This is another practical set and this time it contains 3 practical baskets. They are oval rattan baskets and they are great for storing all sorts of things. They have vinyl handles and different dimensions. The small basket measures 14.5″H X 16.25″W X 13.5″L, the medium one is 15.5″H X 19.75″W X 17.25″L and the dimensions for the large model are 15.75″H X 21.5″W X 18″L. They are great for both storage and decorative purposes.

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5. Boys’ Applique Canvas Buckets – EUR23.40 – EUR39.53.


Kids have storage need as well but they can be easily solved with some friendly baskets. These sturdy buckets are great for storing everything from toys, games to books or clothes. They provide useful open storage and they also have handles. The medium bucket measures 12.25″ wide x 12″ deep x 10.25″ high and the large one is 18.25″ wide x 18″ deep x 18.25″ high. They are made of cotton canvas and finished with hand-stitched details such as a tan truck, navy alligator, blue football or red rhino.

6. Canvas and leather bin – EUR31.46 – EUR50.83.

Another great storage solution is one of these beautiful vintage mail bins. These sturdy containers are made of an iron frame filled with heavy canvas and reinforced with leather. They have strong handles and come in two different sizes. The small bin measures 16″ wide x 10″ deep x 6″ high and the large one is 19.5″ wide x 14.5″ deep x 11″ high.

7. Five Basket Storage Unit with Wicker Baskets – $127.37.

Baskets are great but you also need a cabinet to put them into. This unit measures 38.2 x 13 x 23.8 inches and it’s great for hallways, foyers, bedroom, family rooms, offices, etc. It’s simple and attractive, perfect for storing clothes, shows, linens, toys and other items. It features two large pull-out drawers/baskets and three small ones. Each basket has a removable and washable fabric liner.

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8. Jacquelune Lidded Barrel Basket – EUR63.73.

Jacquelyne is a very stylish basket that would be both functional and chic. It’s an antique market vessel that was hand weaved by artisans. It was crafted using two sizes of rattan and it measures 14’’ in diameter and 16.5’’ in height. It’s made of hand woven rattan wicker and bronze metal buckle.

9. Toscano Wire Basket – EUR25.01.

This simple piece was hand made of twisted iron wire. The basket has been specially designed to fit in a variety of different shelve and units. It measures 11″ wide x 21″ deep x 6.5″ high and it features label holders on the front and back. It has rubber feet for stability and to prevent scratching.

10. Whitewash modern weave storage collection – EUR11.29 – EUR79.87.

This collection will most likely solve all your storage problems. It includes several hand woven rattan storage pieces. They all feature sturdy frames and easy-to-carry cut-out handles. They have a light finish that makes them versatile. They are made of rattan with whitewash and semi-gloss finish and they come in various shapes sizes.



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