Starlight Wall Unit

We all need something to fill out the empty walls in our living areas. Big wall units are the best choice for a large wall that has a lot of display potential. If you want a touch of sophistication that has taken its shape inspired by the power of light, this Starlight Wall unit is the choice for you. It looks extremely sensual and luxurious thanks to the craftsmanship that has been taken to a very high level with a certain artistic feel.

Those incredible details were made by highly skilful sculptors that tried to perfectly combine elegance, logic and functionality. There are of course things apart from the craftsmanship that give to this wall unit its glamour and let me mention the gold or silver leaves that not only embellish this furniture piece but add value to the entire ensemble and I mean it literally. I am obligated to add that this piece also features bronze star decoration with the smoky rock crystal diamond cut.

The marvelous shelves are 19 mm clear glass featuring a special finished hammered edge. Through that glass, light from 4 bright light spots passes through illuminating the items displayed there. If you wonder how big is this unit, let me tell you; pretty big ( 216 cm H x 213 cm W x 50 cm D) . There many things to say about this Starlight Wall Unit but words fade in front of this massive luxury statement.Available for 46,000£.

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