Square glass vases

The majority of people have a weakness when it comes to flowers and plants. They like to have them in their homes, to take care of them every day, even to talk to them. In exchange they enchant them with their beautiful flowers and lovely colors. It’s nice to have something green inside your home, something natural, something like a bouquet of flowers.

There are many different designs when it comes to planters and vases. Today we’re going to present to you a more simple design, with a very common shape and without any details or ornaments. It’s a collection of square vases that will complement any interior. The vases are made of glass and since they are transparent they match any décor. Also, this allows the flowers to express their true beauty without having anything else taking away their attention.

The vases come in three different sizes and shapes: bowl, that measures 5.5 x 7’’, bud that’s basically a 4 x 4 share vase, medium, that measures 3 x 10’’ and oversized, 6 x 12’’. The price varies between EUR 8.82 and 32.35. The vases can be used separately or a collection. They will make a great addition to any type of interior, regardless of the style. Their simple design makes them extremely versatile and appropriate for any occasion or location. They are simple and elegant.

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