Splash Mini Umbrella Stand

There are so many things that you need in your house, but some of them are used more rarely than others and we need extra room for them to deposit. So it would be a good idea to have such useful items that will take as little space as possible and, hopefully to be attractive and to be funny, so that you can also use them for other purposes. And since space is of utmost important for Japan, a Japanese designer, Yasuhiro Asano from Asano Design Institute.

This stand is made of synthetic rubber and can take a very little space on your hallway. It is perfect for depositing wet umbrellas, as the material is perfect for keeping the water inside it, so that you can throw it later, without splashing the whole house with it. Besides, when you don’t need it as it does not rain, you can immediately change its destination and use it as a flower vase or even a pencil stand on your desk. Not to mention the fact that it is really cheap and you can order it online for Japanese money (yen) and also for dollars – $94.


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