Space-saving Holman shelves

Regardless of the size of our home, we always seem to have problems with space. The problem is that the space if never enough and we always need more. Most of the time we try to avoid that by making sure we have plenty of storage space but sooner or later that space gets full and we have to think of saving else. A very good and ingenious solution that can be used for any type of home, regardless of the size and style, would be to use shelves.

Storage shelves are great because they can be placed basically anywhere and they provide some very useful storage space. Usually shelves are used in the living room for all sorts of decorative items like pictures of small collectibles that are purely decorative. However, they can be very useful in the kitchen as well. Holman shelves are a great example in this case. These two types of storage shelves are extremely efficient and functional.

There’s the glass shelf, measuring 24″ wide x 10″ deep x 5″ high that can hold 6 wine bottles. This particular piece can also be used in the living room, basement or basically anywhere else. Also, there’s a glass shelf, with the following dimensions: 24″ wide x 10″ deep x 5″ high.

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This one is particularly useful in the kitchen. The shelves are made of wood and they are very easy and simple to mount on the wall. The mounting hardware is included so all you have to do is to put everything together.Available from 55 e.



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