Sophia coffee table

Coffee tables are such a practical and functional piece of furniture. When you have you don’t realize how useful it can be. It’s only when you need it and don’t have it that you wish you thought about buying one before. The coffee table has become a standard item in every living room. It makes it look complete.

The most common type of coffee table is the wood one. It has a very nice look, making the room look more inviting and warm. There are a lot of different designs for this type of furniture. One of them is the Sphia coffee table. It’s a dark oak coffee tale with a very beautiful finish that reminds of chocolate or coffee, which is very appropriate for this particular piece of furniture. It has a modern design with multiple layers and levels. Besides being a very beautiful and elegant piece of furniture, the Sophia coffee table is also a very functional item. It has two drawers where you can easily store items like magazines and other small objects. It’s very useful, especially is a small house or apartment where every extra storage space is appreciated.

The dimensions of this beautiful piece of furniture are 49″x 30″x 14″. It can be purchased for $590.00. It’s a great combination of beauty and functionality. Whether you have a modern or a more traditional home, this coffee table will beautifully integrate into he décor.

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