Solid wave wood bench

Not many of us have a bench in their house, maybe because it is hard to find a model that suites the design of an indoor space.  But there are some options that will amaze you by their style. Henrybuilt furniture already accustomed us with their elegant wooden benches and tables, but the one we are about to present beats all boundaries.

Amazing about the Wave Bench is the fact that it isn’t just a simple object to sit on, but also a real piece of art. But these aren’t the only characteristics of this bench. Very innovative about this bench is the fact that it can integrate a game board for your fun. On it, the places reserved as seats are in a convex shape, which makes this bench comfortable, although it’s a wooden made. The simple design allows us to install the bench also in a classic or a modern room.

For this bench the designers used the best materials careful crafted. The designers worked together to create pieces that feel as much as beautiful tools as objects of decoration. As you observe this bench, you will realize that, due to its materials, you can be careless with it, use it hard day by day and it will remain in perfect shape without any damage. It will last long time, so your investment is a smart one. The Wave Bench is available in solid wenge, measuring 17”H x 16”W, in lengths to 10’ and range of solid woods. The price for this amazing bench is $2300. Each piece is built to order.

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