Solid Teak Megan Dining Table

In a table there are a few things that are important, besides the actual design and shape. It needs to be solid and strong so that it doesn’t incommode the users and it needs to be hard-wearing since it’s going to be used every day. The Megan dining table respects these criteria perfectly. Moreover, it also has a design that emphasizes these characteristics in a stylish and elegant way.

The table has a simple and very popular design. It’s a solid, dependable, hard-wearing piece of furniture that, in addition, also has a beautiful and modern design. It’s a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime and for that it also needed a timeless design. It’s why it’s so simple and yet so beautiful. The base of the table is composed of two solid blocks of wood. They are an interesting alternative to the classical table feet. They provide great support and stability and they match beautifully with the overall minimalist design.

The Megan dining table is made from 100% reclaimed teak. The thick wooden blocks are connected to the rectangular table top using metal bolts and brackets. The bases and the top are delivered separately and assembled on site. The table has a very simple design and it’s also very versatile. It’s something that would look equally beautiful in either a modern, classical or rustic home.{found on site}.

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