Sofa Beds With Double The Function And Style

Sofa beds are practical mostly because you never know when an extra guest or two might sleep over and it’s always great to be prepared, just in case. Simply deciding that you want a sofa bed however is only the first step. The most important part is actually choosing the sofa bed that you want to have in your home and that requires quite a bit of research. We’re ready to give you our share of inspiring ideas. Let these guide you towards finding the perfect product for your unique decor.

Lennox is more or less your classical sofa bed type. Its design is simple, being characterizes by clean and smooth lines and nice proportions. You can use it as a sofa most of the time and as a bed whenever needed.

The Ecléctico sofa bed has the same type of simple and classical forms which allow it to be versatile and elegant. In addition, the tapered legs give it a distinctive look. Don’t judge this particular design too harsh because it’s not the only available option. It’s possible to customize this piece with various types of armrests, seat and backrest upholstery and also get it in fabric or leather, either plain or button-tufted.

There are plenty of beautiful designs to choose from and looks alone are not enough to influence the whole process. At the end of the day, functionality tends to be more important. That’s where the Dufflé shows its superiority. The cool thing about it is that you can convert it from a sofa to a bed in a single move, with no need to remove the seat or backrest cushions.

The tubular steel frame of the AA1 sofa bed is a bit unusual and definitely very different from the usual wood frames most sofas have. The design is highly practical. The backrest and the seat and adjustable which mean increased comfort and the back goes all the way down so the sofa can convert into a bed when needed.

Meet Indy, a very versatile and very practical piece of furniture which can transform from a sofa to a bed and even a reclining sofa. All of this can be done without the need to even get up. It’s all super easy and user-friendly. In addition, this piece also has a bold and eye-catching look which helps to boost its charm.

The tricky thing with multifunctional furniture pieces is to make them equally functional and comfortable in all their forms. Bolero manages to be highly comfortable and practical both as a sofa and a bed. Its low seat and reduced depth are key characteristics of the design.

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Compared to other sofa beds, the Sleeper is surprisingly simple, not just in terms of design but also regarding its structure. There are no springs and leaver systems that require time and effort to manipulate. The seat and backrest of this sofa can change position in a single smooth motion. We should also mention the fact that whether you’re using it as a sofa or as a bed, this piece looks gorgeous.

It’s compact as a sofa and comfortable as a bed. We’re talking about Conseta, a piece with a closed-base frame available in two different depths and a foldable cold-foam mattress . The backrest stays in place and becomes a headboard. You can either leave the cushions there or remove them.

Suggestively named Doblo, this sofa bed definitely knows how to look elegant, whether it’s a sofa or a bed. In both forms it maintains its beauty. It’s ideal for small apartments or for living rooms, allowing the space to change function in a matter of minutes. It’s also a cool option for guest rooms or even for home offices.

Sax has its own way of looking stylish and of standing out from other sofa beds. Its simple geometry makes it perfect for modern and contemporary spaces. The design is a collection of blocks and compact modules which seamlessly blend together into a harmonious and very elegant piece, much like pieces of a puzzle.

There’s something about this piece that makes it look really cozy. The design of the Fox sofa bed has a casual aura and a distinctive kind of simplicity. We like the comfy cushions that complement the low backrest and the fact that it remains compact, even when pulled out and used as a bed.


Law is a sofa bed with a similarly casual appearance and a simple and modern design that hides added functionality under its seat. Pull out the mattress and turn this quirky sofa into a bed in no time. Your sleepy guests will love it and the great thing is you don’t need a separate room to accommodate them.

This is Wall, a sofa that doesn’t really give away its full potential at first glance. It looks compact and pretty straight-forward, until you unfold the seat and turn it into a comfortable mattress, this converting the sofa into a bed. You can get this piece with leather or fabric upholstery, the latter featuring a fully removable cover.

We could describe the Melvin sofa bed using two words: versatility and customization. It has a wooden base and a simple and modern design that’s intuitive and practical. As you tilt the backrest and unfold the seat, you get to transform this compact sofa into a very comfortable bed. There are many different types of mattresses to choose from as well as a variety of fabric types.

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Would you ever guess that inside this casual and cozy sofa you’d find a built-in system that lets you turn it into a double bed? It’s amazing what furniture designers can achieve these days. This piece is called Clarke and we love everything about it. We love it as a sofa and a bed and most importantly we like how easy the transition from one function to another is.

The Groove is a cute and cozy-looking sofa, small enough to fit in tiny living rooms or home offices. Be sure however to leave plenty of room in front of it for the mattress because this compact thing can be turned into a bed in a matter of seconds. It’s always great to have options and such a piece can really come in handy when you least expect it.

Usually a convertible sofa either has a pull-out mattress under a seat or a seat and backrest that unfold while the frame of the sofa stays in place. That’s not exactly the case with the Pil-low sofa bed. Its design relies on a metal frame that slides back as well as on a perfect match between the seat, back and pillow. Together these three elements form a flat surface which can be used as a bed.


Anfibio looks odd and funny, even as a sofa. When converted into a bed, its appearance is even more quirky. This is basically just one big cozy mattress. When folded in half it becomes a sofa. It’s all super simple and definitely intriguing which shows just how innovative the design really is.

Speaking of unusual sofa beds, you should also check out Revolve. Its design is based on a very interesting system meant to simplify the transformation and to be practical and durable in the long run. To transform it into a bed, just rotate the backrest 180 degrees around the seat. The bed is symmetrical and perfectly flat, with no uncomfortable seams at the center.

We kept the most impressive design for last. This is Doc, a sofa which can turn not into a bed but into two. It’s a sofa bunk bed. The transformation is easy and both the sofa and the beds take up the same amount of floor space. It’s a cool option for kids’ bedrooms but also for guest rooms.



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