Small Dining Tables Fit For Tight Spaces And Cozy Homes

Having a small place isn’t the end of the world. There are a lot of creative ways in which you can deal with the lack of space. Let’s say for instance that you have a small dining room or even no dining room at all. What can you do then? Well, a lot of things. You could try using your kitchen counter or the bar as a dining table replacement. Multifunctional or double-duty furniture pieces are the best for small spaces.

Another idea can be to use a folding or collapsible table which you can put away when you’re not using it. It would be similar to a folding chair which you only take out when you have guests, storing it out of sight the rest of the time. A similar option can be a wall-mounted table that folds flat against the wall and which would use a similar similar to that of a Murphy bed.

Tables with round tops are usually more versatile, being able to accommodate various number of peopleOval tables are somewhere in between the round and the rectangular type in terms of structure and user-friendliness

Pull-out tables can be very space-efficient as well. You can keep them hidden inside your cabinet unit and pull them out when needed. Then there are also the expandable tables which let you seat more people when required, remaining small and compact the rest of the time. Other ideas can be to save space with seats can be put away or to have a kitchen island extension instead of a freestanding dining table.

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You can fit a small dining table in the corner of a room and have some small chairs placed around itRounded edges and corners make tables seem more inviting and comfortableAlthough pretty small, this table and accommodate four people quite comfortablyTo make the most of a small dining table, mix and match types of seating

Of course, there’s also the most obvious option: a small dining table. There’s no match for that. Small dining tables come in a lot of different shapes and sizes and, compared to some of the other ideas mentioned so far, they’re more accessible from a financial point of view and easier to find in furniture shops. Consider a round table instead of a rectangular one if your desire is to save some space and to make the room appear larger visually. Round dining tables allow you to sit more people, offering more flexibility in this sense and they can also fit in right corners.

A dining table for two would be tiny and you could use it as a side table in certain contexts
Small dining tables are more intimate than large ones, especially for single couplesA small dining table with a rectangular top often looks quite fun and cuteIf you enjoy the intimacy, you can have two small dining tables instead of a single large oneIf you want, you can play with different shapes and sizes as you choose your set of tiny dining tablesA small dining table can also serve as a cocktail table in certain contexts and situationsThe size of the table is important but the design and style of the chairs matters as well

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Small dining tables are cozy and comfortable and ideal for people that don’t usually entertain or that don’t receive guests often. There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from and hopefully the examples we’ve selected can be of some help. They’re pretty inspiring so try to picture them in a particular context  so you can capture their entire beauty and to reveal their exquisite character.

Maximize the seating around a small dining table with benches or banquettesAlthough small, this dining table can still seat six people if neededA dining table can be small and look robust and solid at the same timeMixing a small dining table with large benches or sofas can make it look even smaller



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