Small Coffee Tables Packed Full Of Charm And Beauty

The coffee table, whether it’s big or small, low, rustic, modern, made of wood, metal or composite materials, has a key role in the design and structure of any living room. It’s often at the center of the design despite its usually small dimensions and in a way that shows its versatility and adaptability. Small coffee tables are perhaps the most versatile of all so today we’ve decided to have a look at some specific designs. They cover pretty much all the options, from cheap coffee tables to high-end models, tables made of glass, wood and marble, minimalist and contemporary designs as well as some inspired by rustic coffee table designs.

We’ll start with the Caramel table, a beautiful representation of modern design and a piece that plays with the concept of balance in a pretty cool way. The table is made up of four thin sheets of metal, one being the base, another one the top and the remaining two the elements that connect them. The design is simple and sculptural and suitable as a small coffee table in a lounge area but also as a side table in a reading nook. You can get it in several colors including yellow, red, white and gray.

Technically, Cala is a side table yet there’s no real reason why you couldn’t use it as a coffee table if you wanted to. It could fit nicely in a small living room but also in a spacious lounge area that’s organized into several zones, each with its own comfortable seating and accent table. Pair it with a rocking chair, a comfy sofa or the matching Cala armchair. You can choose between an aluminum and a teak wood table top and a variety of different color options.

If you’re the type that likes to occasionally use the laptop while relaxing on the living room sofa, the Comb 40 table comes to your rescue. It’s not exactly a simple side table but it’s not a classical coffee table either. It’s something else entirely: an accent table designed specifically for use in the living room or any other space that has a sofa (or an armchair). It has a C-shaped structure which allows its base to slip under the sofa and the top to fit over the armrest so you can use your devices comfortably in a relaxing position.

The Shimmer series designed by Patricia Urquiola is pretty special and this is not the first time we’re mentioning this cool coffee table or its iridescent, multi-chromatic finish. Its color changes based on the angle at which the light touches the surface, making the table look out of this world.  It’s not just the coffee table that looks this magical but also the other pieces in the collection.

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If you’re looking for a cute and small table for your cozy and chic lounge area, check out Dizzie H74. It’s just what the space needs. It looks like a miniature cocktail table and in a way that’s what it is. This is the round top version but you can also get the table with a square or oval top which gives us an idea: to combine two or more of these tables into a cluster. They could still be used individually but they’ll also look cool when together.

The chic little table you see here is called Net and was designed by Benjamin Hubert in 2013. It’s made of expanded steel and it looks lightweight and perfect for outdoor lounge spaces. There’s a low coffee table version as well which has the same characteristics and slightly different proportions.

The tables and stools in the Spider series are defined by strong, angular lines and geometries and their designs take full advantage of these details. All pieces, including the small coffee table, have blackened steel frames with legs that project outward and are shaped like spider legs, hence the name of the collection. The top of the coffee table is made of marble, a material renowned for its elegance and timeless beauty.


Can you believe this table was designed in 1967? It’s the Hexagonal Table by Alexander Girard who was famous for the masterful way in which he worked with fabrics, colors, patterns and textures. The table has an aluminum top with a geometric pattern that reflects the light. It’s perfect as a small coffee table or as a side table and its design is beautiful and intriguing even after all these years.

The name of this table series says a lot about their design. This is the Flora collection, a series inspired by plants and the love with which we offer them to the ones we care about. It includes large and small coffee tables and side tables of various dimensions. In total, there are four sizes and six colors to choose from. The bases are made of black cork and the tops come in oak wood and walnut veneer.

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The Arch coffee table is small and this allows to be quite versatile. You can use it in a variety of different configurations and settings and take advantage of its lightweight and elegant design to bring style and beauty into a room without becoming a focal point. Its design is the perfect combination of classical and modern.

There’s much to love about the Around Coffee Table. It’s both simple and intriguing, chic and functional, casual and elegant and you can successfully integrate it in living rooms, offices and even in bedrooms where it can be repurposed as a bedside table. You can find the table in three sizes and eight different finishes.

Falda is an occasional table which more or less means that its role and function can change based on the environment and the needs of the users. It comes in two versions, both featuring a sculptural and airy base made of thin metal rods and a round top with a rim. The design is graceful, chic and timeless.

This is Mazargues, an occasional table designed by Eric Jourdan. It’s very chic and simple, featuring a sleek black lacquered steel frame and a round tray top in solid walnut. The design is very expressive and user-friendly and able to complement a variety of different spaces and decors. We suggest adding it to the living room where you can pair it with comfortable seats and a cozy area rug.

Suitable as side tables, small coffee tables or even as nightstands, the Iko tables get to be so versatile thanks to their simple designs, quality materials and diversity of height and diameter options. Their cylindrical legs and round tops are complemented by glossy gold or black nickel details which add a touch of sophistication to each piece. You can find the marble top in eight different versions.

It can be a stool or a side table and, in some cases, it can even function as a small coffee table. However, combining several tree stump tables would be more practical than having just one, especially if the living room is not particularly tiny. In any case, enjoy the pure and natural simplicity of this table as it lets you bring a piece of the outdoors inside your home. {found on etsy}.



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