Simple Square Nightstand from IKEA

I think your home and your room especially should reflect who you are, so if you are a simple person you will feel fine only surrounded by simple things. I am a simple person and I think this Simple Square Nightstand from IKEA is the perfect thing for my room. It is square and natural, preserving the original colour of the wood essence used to make it, in this case bamboo. I like bamboo furniture because it is lightweight and you can easily move it around the house, so perfect for somebody who wants to make a change every three months.

The nightstand is simple in design but highly effective and useful for a person who needs many things within reach, in my case a mother. So I need wet tissues, cough medicine, a thermometer and a lot of other stuff on my nightstand so that I can reach them with a minimum effort. The nightstand and its shelf underneath seem to be right for storing everything I need. The top of the nightstand is made of glass, so it is pretty cool to see what you have underneath. However, the glass is tempered so as to avoid any unpleasant incidents, especially with kids around. This piece of furniture can be found in IKEA stores for the price of $14.99.

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