Simple and practical magazine shelving system

The String system is a very practical shelving system. It features functional panels, shelves and containers, perfect for storing magazines. It’s a unit that is great both for public and private spaces. It can be easily included in homes or in public areas, waiting room or stores. It’s a great way of storing the magazines and it also allows the user to organize them in categories.The magazine shelves can also be used for other items as well. For example, I would imagine such a unit would be useful for students that need to organize their courses and books.

Moreover, the unit also includes containers and panels, great for storing all sorts of items. The unit has a light look but it offers great resistance and durability.The String system was designed by NIsse Strining in 1949. Still, it features a classic but contemporary look. It’s light but stable and it’s also a very functional creation.

The unit requires easy assembly. It’s a very versatile piece of furniture as its shelves and containers can have many different uses. Moreover, the side panels have hooks that further allow the user to enlarge the composition with even more shelves, depending on the users needs and available space. The dimensions of this unit are 78×30 cm. It’s made of steel that can be lacquered in white, grey or black and it’s available for 63 euros.

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