Simple and elegant Elevenfive wall system

Most living room get crowded enough even without all the furniture you buy. The living room is an interactive space where people meet and gather to chat or spend time together. Considering all that, it seems logical to try to make it as comfortable and inviting as we can. Focusing on the furniture pieces that must go in there, there are a few items that can’t miss from the living room, like for example the sofa, the coffee table or the wall system and, in some cases, the TV.

Elevenfive is a very beautiful, very simple and functional wall system designed for modern homes. It’s a combination of shelves and cabinets and offer plenty of storage space for all your stuff and that manage to keep it simple with a clean design and an elegant look. The shelves, in anodized or polished aluminium, are fit into the panels through slots. The cabinets are made from wood fibreboards, gloss lacquered in white, black, grey, anthracite grey, red, green, yellow and orange, so feel free to choose anything you like.

The Elevenfive collection features simple and elegant designs that would complement any living room. Moreover, you don’t have to limit yourself at this particular room of the house. If you feel like your bedroom could benefit from this collection, feel free to make the decision.Available on mdfitalia.

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