Simple and chic Howe dining table

The beautiful Howe table is a limited edition product that combines the beauty of the classical design with the salvaged oak used to craft this piece. The wood was salvaged from Canadian whiskey barrels and now it has a brand new use. The table is made in Wisconsin and it features traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery and 4″ × 5″ legs created from one solid beam.

As you can see, the Howe table has a very simple design, which is also what makes it so versatile and easy to integrate in a multitude of different decors. It’s not the typical sophisticated dining table but the minimalist one that manages to impress with its simplicity. The Howe dining table maintains its natural look with the soft finish. This way the naturally occurring details on the wood are visible and add character to the table.

The dimensions of the Howe dining table are 84w 35d 29h. It’s a limited edition product so you should hurry up and get your own. You can buy it for $1,899.00. It’s a piece that will add character and warmth wherever it goes. Your dining room could surely benefit from what this table has to offer. You could also use outdoors, as long as it’s in a protected area like a covered porch or terrace, so that the wood wouldn’t get damaged.

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