Silver-Plated Bamboo Clock from Pottery Barn

If you have a stylish but sober living room, designed in black and white or maybe in dark shades, then you should try to get some out of the ordinary decorations, something that shines and glitters and draws attention through its simplicity and style. Something like this beautiful clock that has a natural bamboo design and is silver plated. It is square and simple, and its size – 5″ is perfect for any living room table.

This clock is silver plated, so it makes an elegant and precious decoration besides its functionality as a clock. Speaking of which: it displays time, but you can also use it as an alarm clock and this way you will never be late for school, office or any meeting. It works with a single AA battery that is not included in the purchasing price ($49) and you can find it on Pottery Barn web site. The clock also makes a great gift for your parents or grandparents or some other adult that you value.


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