Shelves That Slide To Make Storage Fast And Easy

Sliding shelves are very practical, especially in the kitchen. They’re easy to use and they make storage easy compared to the classic cabinet with door design. Moreover, these shelves that slide away to reveal everything you’ve stored in them right in front of you are useful in other spaces and situations as well.

Pantry shelves.

If you have a large pantry then you’ll find these shelves really useful. They make it easy to organize everything and they can even be more practical than open shelves.{found on cawarchitects}.

This type of shallow pull-out shelves is just as practical in small pantries. Here you can see a clever combination of open shelves at the top and sliding shelves at the bottom.

You can combine these shelves with numerous other features and customize your kitchen pantry however you want in order to make as functional and user-friendly as possible.

The simplicity and versatility of their design makes sliding shelves and drawers capable to adapt and to respond to a variety of interior designs and spaces. In here, they can hidden behind a large closet door.{found on designaspace}.

The sliding shelves can gradually become deeper, turning into drawers toward the bottom of the pantry so you can store there large items such as boxes, bottles, etc.

Because you actually need to see what’s inside these sliding shelves and drawers, they’re not that practical when used on the top levels of the pantry. It’s best to use fixed shelves to avoid accidents.

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A wide pantry can have two sets of sliding shelves. They can be placed at different heights to accommodate everything that needs to be stored there and they can be accessed independently.{found on shelfgenie}.

We particularly like the way these sliding shelves are able to accommodate plates, cups and glasses. There’s no need to worry about how you’re going to reach an item at the far end of the shelf.{found on higham}.

Closet shelves

Shelves that slide out to reveal their contents are also really useful in the case if closets, whether it’s positioned in the hallway, in the bedroom or has its own separate room. One particularly way to use them is as shoe racks.{found on gregorydavies}.

Keep all your shoes organized according to season, style, color, etc. and slide out the shelves to see all the pairs and choose the right one for your outfit. So simple and yet so practical.

Slide-out shelves are also great for storing clothes or linens. Not only that they make it easier to organize everything but it’s also a lot easier to find the item you need when everything is presented to you in such a fashion.

A nice advantage offered by these shelves is that they allow you to opt for small compartments without worrying about how you’re going to reach the contents.{found on laclosetdesign}.

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Other shelves that slide out.

Apart from the examples we’ve discussed so far, there are other great uses for sliding shelves. For example, in the bathroom they can occupy the space under the sink and allow you to turn that area into storage for cleaning products or towels.{found on shelfgenie}.

In a wine cellar, these shelves can accommodate wooden crates in which you can keep your precious collection bottles, separate from the rest displayed in cubbies.{found on thefurnitureguild}.

And speaking of wine cellars, this one has sliding shelves that double as wine racks. A design that’s simple, stylish and functional at the same time.{found on degre12}.

In the kitchen, use slide-out shelves to store your pots and pans along with their corresponding lids.It’s a lot easier to reach the desired item this way than it is when you have to get everything out to get something at the back of the fixed shelf.{found on crcabinetry}.

Another interesting idea is to use slide-out shelves to make an appliance garage in your kitchen. Simple and user—friendly, this feature will allow you to keep everything tucked away and organized.{found on kitchenstudiokc}.



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