Secret drawer ideas – perfect for hiding things in plain sight

Everybody has things they don’t want others to see. They’re either personal thinks or valuable items that should stay somewhere safe, where nobody can find them. Sometimes it’s best to hide something in plain sight. Secret drawers are perfect for that. They’re right there n front of you but you don’t suspect a thing.

Stairs storage.

Here’s an idea that’s both clever and practical. Use the space under the stair for storage. You can turn that space into a secret drawer and you can use it for storage for all sorts of items. Nobody would even suspect that something could be hidden there unless you make it visible by installing drawer handles.

Secret drawer.

This is a shelf that hides a secret drawer. It’s the perfect place for hiding valuables. After all, who would even think that such a slim and slender shelf could hide a drawer? The floating shelf doesn’t even have handles or panels. That’s because you need a magnet to unlock it.Designed by Torafu Architects.

Pets corner.

Cats love to climb on shelves and furniture. So it would be nice if you could find a corner where you could put up some shelves where your cat could sit and have fun. And while you do that you might as well take full advantage of that space and hide some drawers into the shelves. You can store your cat’s toys in there or even valuables.

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Headboard drawer.

In the bedroom it’s a little more difficult to have secret drawers and storage compartments simply because there’s little furniture in this room. So you should find a way to take advantage of what you have. This, for example, is a secret storage unit hidden inside the headboard. It’s great for storing books and all sorts of other things.{found on flickr}.

Under fridge drawer.

In the kitchen there are plenty of spaces which could be used for hiding things. For example, you could have a secret drawer under the freezer. Nobody would think to search there because it’s very low and because that space is usually empty. Make sure you paint it the same color as the freezer so you don’t make anyone suspicious.

Cabinet secrete drawer.

You know that small portion at the bottom of the cabinet, just under the drawers? It has the same color as the rest of the cabinet and it looks like a drawer but it’s usually just a piece of wood. This makes it perfect for hiding things inside. You could have it turned into a secret drawer and everyone else would think it’s just simple wood, especially if it’s directly underneath the regular drawers.{found on site}.

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Wall Shelf Secret Drawer.

This decorative wall shelf is both charming and useful. It has a pull-down door and it reveals a secret storage space. In there you can store all sorts of objects and things you don’t want anyone else to see. It’s also a lovely space where you could display items and decorations.Available for 15$.



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