Savina Lounge Chair

Modern furniture is made by using a modern design and modern materials. That means that the old fashioned wood, which is very beautiful, but not that modern, is left aside and some other materials like steel and leather come out as being really fashionable and stylish these days. Take this Savina Lounge Chair for example! It is made of polished stainless steel and beautiful white Italian leather upholstery, which makes it look so cool for any room. It is also very resistant and it will last for a long time before deteriorating. Besides, its leather being white and Italian makes the lounge chair really elegant and classy.

This chair is very interesting in design, as its base is made of steel and also has an unusual shape, looking like two metal squares on the sides of the chair , being connected together with the steel frame for the seating. This piece of furniture is modern and trendy and shows a minimalist tone, great for both indoors and outdoors. The chair is manufactured and sold by Modani for a price of $490. The product looks impressive, indeed, but it also shows great comfort and style. It is a perfect example of modern, yet comfy and stylish minimalist furniture.

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