Santomer dining table, the perfect result of serendipity

Tables are more important than they might seem at a first glance. They are that thing that gets together families, friends when they drink their coffee in the morning and have dinner at the end of the day, but not only. They bring us together when we celebrate something; no matter it is a birthday, a holiday or we just feel the need to share some thoughts with a dear friend in front of a cup of coffee. It depends on each of us if the way our table looks like is important or less important.

Santomer Dining table seems to prove that it is very important the way our table looks like. It was born out of serendipity, but the result is so convincing that you like at a first sight. It has a palette of color and texture that defines Santomer’s signature pattern. You can choose either a round or a rectangular tabletop, which is anchored by a modern mahogany base made of Peroba wood and which impresses through its unique rugged, untamed beauty.

The entire piece exhibits a distresses, weathered quality, natural variation in color and the company of the benches in the picture, but also of the chairs is more than right. This wooden combination is “charismatic”, just like the friends you already picture around the table, which is nice and inviting in its beauty.Available on site.

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