Royal Boushant Headboard

Are you in the mood for something royal? Who doesn’t want to feel like a queen or king? It’s one of the most common dreams. Unfortunately it almost never comes true. So you might not get to be an actual member of the royal family or live in a palace, but you can feel like a king or queen in your own home.

Take a look at this magnificent headboard. It has exquisite details and a very beautiful and unique antique finish. The headboard is part of the John-Richard Collection which was founded in 1980 in Greenwood, Mississippi. It’s composed of art experts who travel the world for inspiration. They observe and analyze cultural and historical elements and then include them in their designs. The John-Richard Collection features artisan-crafted furniture, lighting, wall art, mirrors, and decorative accessories.

The Boushant headboard is made from hand-carved wood and has an antique gold finish together with antiqued-mirrored inserts with gold backing and brass rosette accents. These queen and king headboard are not called like that just because of the size. The dimensions vary, so the queen headboard measures 64″W x 2″D x 46″T while the king size measures 85″W x 2″D x 55″T.The price is $2,799.00 and, respectively, $3,299.00. the headboard needs to be mounted on the wall and hardware and instructions are included.

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