Round Toy Polyethylene Coffee table

Considering the latest products, it seems the new fashion for furniture for interiors is the LLDPE (polyethylene) and the rotational moulding process.  Serralunga is actually the brand that uses this type of technology and the result is that it has some very high quality products. Not only that they are very resistant, but they also have UV protection and are recyclable.

The polyethylene makes the product look very modern and simple and gives you a cozy feeling. You will not feel stressed by the stateliness of your furniture. All seems so simple and easy that you will always feel and act natural. The round polyethylene coffee table TOY from Serralunga was designed in 2009 by Christophe Pillet.

TOY is a small table that you will probably use only occasionally, but its interesting design will always make a good impression. The structure of the table is designed as three cross intersecting each other. This way, the table sits still on three legs and the upper part has also a three legged support.

The top of the table is made from HPL, a thermal resistant glass which is also UV proof. Considering that the top of the table is actually less visible due to its glass material, the most visible part is the table’s structure. Thanks to its shape, the structure is symmetrical and looks like a snow flake.  TOY is a very modern and elegant coffee table which can be used in and outside. Thanks to its simple shape it makes you think it is really a toy.

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