Round Notre-Dame coffee table

The Notre-Dame collection from Serralunga, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti in 2012, contains two products which are kind of similar. These products are a long table and a coffee table. The collection is based on the idea to come with something simple, fancy and useful, adapted to the contemporary needs.

The table feet are made from plastic which makes it very light. However, the structure is not fragile at all. The trestle has a three legged design which at first sight might make it look instable. This is however an illusion, the three points being enough to sustain the body.This structure can come in two variants, in glossy or matt colors. The table top is round with a 70cm diameter, but if you want, you can use two trestles to support an 85cm by 200cm rectangular table top. If you want just a coffee table you would probably opt for the first small variant.

The most innovative part about this table is that it could come with a plain top or with a top with a hole in the middle. Thanks also to the leg structure, the table with the hole is great as a support for a vase, a bottle or a large glass. This is also very useful if you put your laptop or mobile phone on the table, while using it wired. The wire will pass through this hole and it will not disturb you anymore.  Another idea is to deposit your paper in the morning, while drinking your early coffee.

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