Rolling storage unit

Every room needs storage and it’s never enough. But It’s never the same area that needs extra storage and that creates problems. We have a simple solution for that. This is a rolling storage unit that can be easily moved around and placed wherever it’s needed at the moment. It has a simple and versatile design that allows it to be used just about anywhere.

Rolling storage unit

It’s made from solid and engineered wood with chocolate-stained wood and it’s available in either black or white finish. The unit includes five casters that are optional so they can be removed of not needed. Two of them are locking. Inside you can place storage bins that are sold separately or that you can choose by yourself somewhere else or maybe improvise something.Assembly is required but the process is quite simple.

Rolling storage unit

The overall dimensions vary and they can be either 47″w x 13″d x 16″h; 47″w x 13″d x 34.5″h or 47″w x 13″d x 64.75″h. The wheels measure 2.75″. Try not to use harsh abrasives or household cleaners as they may damage the finish. Instead use a soft, dry cloth.Because this product has such a simple design, it can be used as storage space for the office, for the living room, even for the kitchen or bedroom. The hallway can also be an option.Available from $231.

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