Retractable table set, perfect for small spaces

Those who choose to live in a small apartment either because they like it that way or because they just have no other choice, know how difficult in can be to design such a small interior. You don’t have the luxury to include all the pieces you might want to so you have to make some compromises.

A very good choice in this case are convertible or retractable pieces of furniture, such as this very practical table set. Found on FPTrgovina, this collection, if it can be called like that, features a very simple and practical mechanism that allows the user to simply retract the table and the benches in order to obtain a perfectly usable space. When not used, the visible portion is just 4 cm thick. Even if it’s not that aesthetic to have such a pseudo-decoration on your wall all the time, it comes in very handy when you need some extra seats or an extra table.

It’s a very practical and useful piece for small houses and apartments. You can save a lot of space when you’re not using the table and the benches and you don’t have to worry when you do need them because they’re very easy to access. The pieces are available in other colors as well so you can choose the color tone you like best or the one that better goes with your interior design and décor.

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